HIFU Solution LLC  was  founded to provide men access to a non invasive treatment option for prostate cancer. HIFU has the ability to cure cancer, preserve quality of life, and prevent  two of the most life altering side effects of radiation and surgery namely sexual function and continence

Until recently, most men with prostate cancer had only two major options for treatment, namely, radical surgery or high intensity radiation. Both radical surgery and all forms of radiation leave men with major complications. HIFU gives men the option to choose curative treatment without compromising quality of life.

Our mission at HIFU Solution is to provide cure with quality of life. 

Dealing with fear and anxiety

Being diagnosed with prostate cancer can be stressful and confusing. Studies have shown emotional distress and anxiety can provoke men and their loved ones into choosing surgery as treatment instead of less invasive options. We encourage the men who find us to discuss all treatment options with their urologist. If the local urologist is unable or unwilling to spend the necessary time we will help you as much as we can and work with your physician.Occasionally we may find you another physician for a second opinion who will take the time to discuss all options. Once a decision is made for HIFU treatment, we will work with the patient to ensure a simplified process from start to finish.

We streamline the entire scheduling process to make everything easy and straightforward for the patient during this anxious time.

Our services revolve around the patient and the physician.

This includes, but is not limited to, providing educational materials, coordinating medical records with the local urologist as needed; cardiac clearance, anesthesia evaluation, scheduling, pre and post treatment evaluation, physician coordination, payment processing and providing  financing options.



The process of scheduling HIFU procedure begins with interested urologists or patients contacting our Toll Free Number at 844-443-8352. This will be followed by a call from one of our personnel and often a follow up call from Gerry Schuster, Vice President at HIFU Solution. Patients will be identified from the Physician’s practice or will be coming from HIFU Solution's web information. Patients will be screened for appropriateness of procedure -newly diagnosed, localized prostate cancer, recurrent cancer, radiation recurrence. Patients will get medical clearance and will be scheduled and all details of scheduling as well as pre-op and post-op protocols will be supplied by HIFU Solution after discussion with the Urologists who will be performing the procedure.

Once a patient is identified, the pathology report, MRI report, prostate volume measurements, medical history, PSA Report and demographics will be reviewed by the Chief Medical Officer HIFU Solution. The CMO will initiate discussion with the patients’ physicians’ as part of protocol.If the patient has a prostate size larger than 30cc a downsizing protocol which will include treatment with hormones, antiandrogens, and Avodart/Proscar will be initiated to down size the gland. Some patients may require a Resection or other procedure of the prostate if they have obstructive symptoms or difficulty urinating.Throughout the process there will be several discussions with the patient and family if designated,and the patient will have opportunities to clear all his questions and concerns with HIFU Solution physicians, personnel and Chief Medical Officer. When the patient is ready he will be scheduled. Men will also have opportunity to speak to many of our patients who have had the procedure, with preservation  of good erectile function and continence.

An MRI is mandatory in patients who are getting a focal or hemi HIFU to prevent delayed diagnosis of cancer in the opposite lobe. Patients who have post radiation recurrence are a special category of men that have to be reviewed separately, but are very amenable to HIFU with lower side effect risk compared to surgery or freezing. There is a detailed preoperative protocol that is individualized for each patient and can be obtained from our office. 

The procedure itself is self-pay at present and the pricing is subject to change. Patients will discuss this with Gerry Schuster VP of HIFU or one of our personnel. Financing can be arranged for patients at Myfunding.com which is a finance company arranged by HIFU Solution.HIFUSolution is not affiliated with the finance company. Patients will make their own arrangements with Myfunding.com.