AXUMIN is Fluciclovine F 18 Injection is a new imaging agent indicated for use in positron emission tomography (PET imaging) to identify suspected sites of prostate cancer recurrence in men. 


AXUMIN is the first FDA approved F 18 PET imaging agent indicative for use in patients with suspected recurrent prostate cancer. In patients who have recurrent disease after radiation, about one-third develop metastatic disease while two-thirds have local recurrence.  

AXUMIN works by targeting the increased amino acid transport that occurs in most cancer cells wherever they are located. The F 18 radioisotope enables the scan to determine where the metastasis is located. The Fluciclovine molecule detects upregulation of amino acid transport that occurs in prostate cancer and can potentionally identify prostate ca more reliably than conventional imaging techniques.

The original studies that demonstrated efficacy of AXUMIN showed that on blinded reading, correct diagnosis was made in 75-79% of patients. For cancer outside for the prostate, correct identification was made in 88-93% of patients. In patients with PSA level lesss than 1.78,ng/mL, 15 of 25 patients had a positive scan with 11 confirmed as positive by histology. 71 of 74 patients with PSA levels >1.78 ng/mL had a posotive scan, of  whichith 58 confirmed as positive. (1,2) For details, go to www.

According to Dr. David M Schuster MD, associate professor of Radiology at Emory University School of Medicine, an imaging agent with suffiecient diagnostic performance to adequately detect and localize recurrent prostate cacner can provide referring physicians with actionable information to guide biopsy and inform management decision for patients. 

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